Whittlesea Skatepark

Indigenous students

A group of our Indigenous students worked tirelessly for a full day to paint their art designs on the tiered concrete block at the Skate Park on Friday 10th March for the City of Whittlesea – and it looks deadly!! They were supported in the lead up and on the day by Ms Perry (College Art teacher), Helen Heaney (Indigenous Education coordinator), City of Whittlesea Youth Development Officers, an excursion to Birrarung Marr and the National Gallery of Victoria, watching PowerPoint presentations of contemporary Aboriginal art, and planning and design days in 2016. This was a collaborative project that also involved a few of our Hands on Learning (HOL) students who painted the background the week before.

 “We got our inspiration for our art project from our Birrarung Marr walk.” Callum, year 8

“I liked colouring in the circles and drawing the diamonds.” Zach, year 8

“Thanks for all your amazing work…” Sonia Zymantos (Youth Development Officer, Arts Portfolio)

“I really enjoyed watching the students use their team work to paint the mural and show their culture.” Rex Taylor (Youth Development Officer, Aboriginal Portfolio)