VCAL Metropolitan Remand Centre

Year 12 VCAL (Intermediate and Senior classes) went on an excursion to the Metropolitan Remand Centre recently. This was an educational program that helped people who were awaiting sentence in a rehabilitation program. We used public transport to get to the venue which was in Raven Hill. We were given an induction of the place and what we were to expect. We were then split into two groups and got a half an hour interview with some of the prisoners which everyone really enjoyed. We finished from the centre at about 3.00pm and made our way back to Southern Cross and then waited for our trains to go home. On behalf of the Year 12 VCAL classes, I’d like to say thank you to Mrs Tania Pearson, Mrs Kathy Mourkakos and Ms. Lisa Grattan for coming along and supervising us on the day.

Raff Martino

VCAL Student