A Taste of University Life.

Just after the holidays, Year 11 VCE students went on an excursion into the city to see the RMIT University. The VCE students had a chance to be shown the ins and outs of how RMIT works and to hear the experiences of RMIT students – both present and past. The students arrived in the city at 9am where they had a chance to wander around and grab a coffee before being exposed to the possibilities of their future.

The students were given information about the SNAP ‘I Belong’ program which allows extra opportunities for students in rural areas to attend RMIT. The students were also able to interact with workshops and ask questions about the school. The RMIT staff said that some of the many questions that were asked on that day were the “best questions” ever asked. To be able to ask these questions meant that the students’ curiosity of the unknown was satisfied.

The students were given a timetable for three different workshop options. We were able to decide between ‘Students helping students – how to make your first year at University a positive one’, where we were able to learn some useful strategies that would help make our transition to RMIT successful. “I liked [that workshop] because it gave me an insight into what university would be like,” said student Chrissy-Ann. There was also an Art workshop ‘Art and Design – What Designers Do’, where we were able to get hands-on and create our own, unique, collages from provided pictures. Ms Daines, who accompanied the students to this workshop, seemed to enjoy this activity, even creating her own masterpiece! The third option the students had was to attend the ‘Business Entrepreneurship” workshop which showed us the possibility for creating a successful small business. Andrew, the presenter, provided great examples to support how certain skills could help attain success in that area.

After these workshops, we were able to go down the street for a little while and purchase our lunches. We all then met back at the University to go back to the lecture hall where we participated in a ‘RMIT hot seat’ game, answering questions on information we had learnt throughout the day. Jessica Campbell volunteered for the ‘hot seat’ and proved a worthy contestant, correctly answering 10/10 questions with raucous support from the rest of the Year 11s.

Personally, I felt this excursion was great because RMIT can create great opportunities. For myself, wanting a career in Visual Design, this excursion felt like an essential.

Thankyou to Ms Pearson, Ms Mourkakos, Ms Nicholls and Ms Daines for their support on the excursion. And a big thankyou to Ms Kate Pearson and Mr Morris for their assistance from the Help desk at the College.


Brittany Crole

Year 11 Student