Survivor's Story

Holocaust Museum

On the 27th of March the students in Year 10 History went on an excursion to the Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick. Whilst we were there we saw numerous sources of first hand evidence of what happened during World War Two and we heard stories from survivors David and Abraham.

The Holocaust Centre features a breathtaking museum full of first and second hand artefacts from World War Two, including posters, stars that Jewish people had to wear and uniforms. We were also able to see letters and recent photos of survivors. Whilst their stories were heartbreaking they were very helpful for us to have a better understanding of what really happened, and were able to ask questions on the events during their experience such as what David experienced: He was 14 when he was taken into the ghettos, later transferred into a camp where he was separated from his family only to stay with his twin brother where later they were rescued and then fled to Australia.

Abraham was 15 he was taken into a camp and like David was separated from his family. Later he was rescued and married a fellow survivor and met with his sister because she found him, where together all three of them came to Australia in hope of a better life.

These stories were hard to hear but we are very grateful that David and Abraham and other survivors are willing to share their stories with us so we know what such devastating events can impact people so we never let their stories die and make sure nothing like the Holocaust happens again. As we were leaving we were asked for two students to light a candle for the deaths of the Jewish people as that is a part of the Jewish religion that if someone dies a candle is lit.

Thank you to the teachers who organized the excursion for us, and to the survivors for sharing such a special experience with us.

Written by Emily Holmes, Ashleigh Haffenden and Kayla Howe