Ski Camp 2016

On the 22nd of August a group of Year 9 & 10 Students travelled to Bogong Outdoor Education Centre with Mr Joseph and Ms Kelly. Students spent the week learning to ski and about the sustainability of the Victorian Alpine region.

After a long bus trip the students jumped straight into it preparing their cross country ski equipment and setting individual goals for the week. With the weather looking picturesque we headed up to Falls Creek. Tuesday was spent exploring untouched trails while learning how to cross country ski. For some students this was their first time seeing snow and was an incredible experience when snowflakes started to fall. Wednesday was our first day of downhill skiing and all students were excited to get started. The teachers were extremely patient when teaching the students the skills needed to ski down their first run. By Thursday the students were flying down the slopes all showing massive improvements in their skiing ability.

The staff and teachers were exceptional especially Phil the resident cook who provided all staff and students with fantastic meals to sustain us throughout our time skiing. Throughout the week students gained knowledge on the changes they needed to implement in their everyday life to keep the Alpine region in Australia available for all to enjoy.

Rebecca Kelly

Camp Coordinator