Senior Boys Basketball at the NMR

The team played 2 games at Coburg Stadium on 4th August. Their first game was against Northcote where they were very competitive against much bigger players. Playing an up-tempo style and shooting a lot from outside we provided Northcote with some issues. They eventually overcame us and we lost 41-30. The next game was against St Helena. The boys started with a 9-0 lead and that scared St Helena after they comfortably defeated Northcote earlier. The team continued to play extended defence which St Helena had trouble adapting to. The game stayed close until St Helena hit the lead with about 2 minutes left. Whittlesea eventually lost 42-37.

The team should be commended for their sportsmanship and team play which represented their school with dignity.

The team included Ross Way, Darcy Bell, Kyle Richardson, Matt Allen, Blake Watson, Randall Patten, Jordan Buckingham, Jay Tait and Dion Musgrave. Our scorer was Arij Ameen.

Malcolm Hiho

Senior Boys Basketball coach