National Sorry Day

Thursday the 26th of May marked National Sorry Day to honour the children and families devastated by the impact of the Stolen Generations. Our students across the year levels, representing indigenous and non-indigenous students, gathered together at the City of Whittlesea to mark this solemn occasion and to pay their respects to children and families impacted by the separation and removal of either living through the Stolen Generation or having a family member who was stolen. This acknowledgement also recognises the ripple effect through the generations and the influence this has on the lives of our students. We listened to a variety of speakers who shared stories about the past and how the stolen generations impacted them. Our students joined with other schools to participate in traditional aboriginal games and watched an aboriginal myth video about Bunjil the creator, an interpretation of the creation mythology of human beings.


Eva Natsis School Chaplain, Helen Heaney Indigenous Education Coordinator, & Hans Gregory City of Whittlesea Youth Worker.