Love Bites

Love Bites Program

All of our current Year 10 and Year 11 students have now completed the Lovebites Program, an excellent program designed to assist student understand Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and have a voice to speak up and say “NO”.

Our Year 10 students were educated in the Lovebites program last week, spending the entire day with the program leaders, our teaching staff Mr Bumpstead, Ms Calvert, our Health Educator, Nurse Jackie Weepers and four trained members from Victoria Police also assisted in the program delivery.

The program was divided into three sections, and the students finalised the day by painting slogans on T-shirts.  These will be on display around the school for all to see over the next couple of weeks.

More than 400 students have now been educated and made aware of their rights and responsibilities and we would like to thank them all for their participation and mature attitude to the program. Thanks also to the staff for delivering the program; it is very intensive and requires much preparation and hard work. We would also like to thank the Lions Club of Whittlesea who generously sponsored the College last year and enabled staff to complete two days professional training so they could deliver this program to our students.

Thank you to all involved.

Sue Muir

Student Wellbeing Manager