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Keepers of the Books?

Not really. We don’t buy books to decorate the shelves. Librarians love it when you borrow books. Make a librarian happy today, borrow a book.

But what should I Read?

Easy! Ask. All the library staff love to read books. We also love to talk about books.

How do I know if it’s a good book?

Would we lie to you?

Try these New Books

Half a World Away by Cynthia Kadohata     (score 8/10)

12 year old Jaden is adopted, angry and obsessed with electricity .Now his parents are dragging him to Kazakhstan to adopt another child, why? Isn’t he enough?

            “Even though everything Jaden could see was ugly, he felt it was exciting somehow, a little bit magical, like anything could happen here, unlike America, where every day was the same”

You will be amused by the characters Jaden meets, touched by the children in the

orphanage and haunted by this story.


Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen    (score 7/10)

Ade lives in a high rise housing block with his Mum who rarely leaves her bed. He has taken on the tasks of the adult, shopping, cooking and caring for his Mum. But then the buildings started to fall, because of the bluchers.

“Not only were they sending out deadly spores into the air; they were feeding on concrete and stone and glass and metal.”

So Ade does his best to keep alive and keep his Mum safe. Watching from his high-rise, Ade sees people dying and buildings crumbling, how can he survive this invasion of bacteria?

An emotional story that has the reader quietly shouting for Ade to survive. Something about this story feels as though it could be real.