Intermediate Volleyball

Intermediate Volleyball


The intermediate boys and girls went down to the Darebin Sport Centre down in Reservoir to compete against Mill Park, Hazelglen, Gilson, Lalor, Epping, Lalor North, The Lakes and Thomastown secondary college students.


The girls started the day with some great energy and this showed in their first match against Hazel Glen. The first set was point for point and the girls pushed Hazel Glen to 20 all and Hazel Glen just pushed ahead to claim the first set and continued on to win the second set despite some great efforts by the girls.

In the second game the girls really found their feet and put in some great efforts against Mill Park with some instrumental plays by Cassidy, Brittany and Harmony spurring the girls on to win both sets 21-13 and 14-12 with time running out in the second set due to some fantastic rallies between the two teams.

Fresh off a fantastic win the girls pushed straight into the next round and followed up the performance against Gilson College with some dominating performances, including some fantastic work by Jessica, Alexandra and Morgan to take the game 21-6 and 21-8 putting the girls firmly in the finals and coming 2nd in their pool.

Coming into the finals the girls were very excited but the humid conditions had taken their toll and had made all the players on the day quite tired. In the semi-finals the girls came up against Lalor North who had some very strong players and despite some great efforts by Marnie, Shelby and Caitlyn the girls lost 21-16 and 21-6.

Coming out of the semi-finals deflated, the girls followed the semi’s up by playing against Hazel Glen in a rematch from their first game of the day. Although the girls put in some all-round great efforts and were now fighting for 3rd place overall out of 9, the girls went down 10-21 and 16-21 and came fourth overall. This was a fantastic effort by the girls to make it to the finals and they should be congratulated on their efforts as they came up against some very strong teams and still performed under some very heavy pressure.



The boys came out firing in the first round against Hazel Glen although they came up against some tough competition, the boys were able to get on top in the first game 21-18 and continued the fierce attack to win the next set 16-12. Will, Chase, Joshua and Jack Hayton leading the charge winning crucial points.

The boys then went on to play Mill Park in a very close game. The first got away from the boys 16-21 but managed to come back due to some brilliant plays by Bailey and brock winning 14-13 making the game a draw and handy set win that would eventually put them into first place in their pool.

Fresh of a close draw the boys were fired up to play Gilson College and blitzed the game winning 21-16 and 16-10 as their teamwork was really starting to come through against a less organised team. This win also put them on the board with the boys only losing one set for the round robin and putting them in first place for their pool.

First round of finals found the boys coming up against Lalor North which were a well organised team and defeated the Whittlesea boys 7-21 and 12-21. Some brilliant pieces of play, including a massive double block by Chris and Jack against the best spiker on the day to win the point was a massive highlight for the day. Although the boys dragged their feet off this court they pulled themselves together to go into the next finals playing off for third against Gilson. After an early scare on Gilson match point at 11-20 Matt “Dead eye” Cochrane served Whittlesea back into the game and eventually getting up 26-24 and continued the great play to win the second set 10-6 to take home third place!

A massive thank you to Frandom Inovejas for being the assistant coach who did a terrific job. Great job to the teams that went out and doing a fantastic job representing the school! 1, 2, 3 WHITTLESEA!