Hands On Learning - What's been happening?

Hands On Learning (HOL)

Our HOL students meet once a week on a Wednesday or a Friday. They start the day setting personal goals, planning lunch and daily projects. Learning by doing, teamwork, personal development and safety are key features of the HOL program. At the end of the day the students clean up and reflect on achievement of their goals.

The students had a very busy first semester working with the supports from our HOL leaders Steve Miller, and City of Whittlesea Baseline Youth Support Officers Bec Ferris, Hans Gregory and Sarah Rocca.

Some of their projects were: creating a temporary meeting space beside the VCE centre, piling a huge number of donated bricks, fixing up their vandalised shed, weeding and setting up four large vegetable gardens, creating two herb gardens for the food tech teachers, remodelling two billy carts, mosaicing roof tiles as gifts, patching their vandalised ferro cement couch and creating a new seat.  All of these projects have many stages and the students work with the HOL leaders to plan their day then work hard to get it all done.

With the billy cart race against two other HOL schools on 22 June postponed, the Wednesday and Friday HOL students got together to enjoy another busy day, in glorious sunshine.  


Helen Heaney

HOL Coordinator