Giving back to those who need

Ronald McDonald House - VET Hospitality

Students from VET Hospitality 3 & 4 supported one of our VCAL students, Sarah, in her school community project. Students cooked an array of foods for the families living at Ronald McDonald House. RMD House currently has 51 families staying with them and they were very appreciative of the home baked foods we provided. Our students demonstrated amazing teamwork skills and I was very proud to be assisting them on the day.

Sam Banthorpe
VET Hospitality Teacher


A student's perspective:

I chose to take my fellow Hospitality VET classmates into the city to Ronald McDonald House in Parkville. We met there at 9:00am where we also met Mrs Banthorpe.


We all took in some donations for the families and we took in our own ingredients to cook for them. We also took in some of the school’s cooking utensils because the kitchen at Ronald McDonald House is very small.

As soon as we got there, we got straight into cooking as there were not many ovens to cook all of the food in.


We made the families sausage rolls, pinwheels, quiches, blueberry and banana muffins, lemon slice, rumballs and honey joys.


After preparing and cooking the food we set up a table so all the families had something to eat for lunch.


It was a great day and a rewarding experience by all.


Sarah Baerken

Year 12 VCAL Student