Finding My Place

Early in September the ‘Finding My Place’ group listened to Tyrell Moore, the founder of the non-profit organisation Sole Fathers United.  Tyrell is a single parent of his ten-year-old daughter.  He spoke about Perceptions: How you are perceived can make a huge differenceand how those perceptions can affect your decision making and also your relationships.  Tyrell commenced his presentation wearing a suit, then returned minutes later wearing casual clothes and a cap.  The students actually thought it was a different person!  Tyrell also presented information regarding Juvenile Justice and spoke about his experiences working in these institutions.

On Thursday 18th August the group had another presentation and were introduced to Mr Whittles, the Telepresence Robot at the Whittlesea Library.  Mr Whittles allows aged citizens within the township of Whittlesea to have access to local community events, enabling a two-way conversation from different locations from his mounted iPad.  The session gave students the opportunity to learn about volunteering and the importance this brings to themselves and their community. 


Julian Holland

Middle School Manager