A Close Game

Year 7 Cricket

Our Year 7 Cricket team had their first round of competition out at Epping in perfect cricket weather at the start of autumn. We had the tough first round challenge of facing Epping who are notoriously strong at this stage of competition.

Epping won the toss and decided to bat, and bat they did. They were dominant from the first ball, and in the 12 over game they failed to lose any wickets while making an unbelievable score of 101, short bowling being a main issue with our side.

When batting we lost early wickets very early in our game, but thanks to a middle order partnership Nathan Murray and the McErlain twins were able to steady the ship to make a reasonable score of 60, well short of the required total.

Our second game against Mernda was a much closer affair. Great bowling from Whittlesea saw plenty of wickets fall for Mernda as Whittlesea got in a commanding position. However, in the run chase and after some panic right at the end, we ended up losing agonisingly short by 1 run.

A great day by all players and fantastic sportsmanship shown by all.