Clean and Green

Enviro Duty Challenge 2017 - Inaugural Awards for Term 1

Last year was the year the school community made the conscious decision to say ‘enough is enough’ when it came to the state of our school environment. The 2016 Student Leaders, teachers, maintenance staff and the school administration backed the start of an initiative to clean up the school grounds called the Enviro Duty Challenge.

This year the Challenge continues only there is a greater incentive for students in particular to get behind the program. During the term, those students that made a really strong effort in doing their duty were noted through Compass by their teacher. At the end of the term those students whose name came up several times, were eligible for a financial prize of $250. The funds were generously donated through School Council and will be given to eligible students named by their teachers at the end of each term.

I am pleased to say that we had two students nominated several times throughout term 1.

Chloe Holmes of 9E and Cameron Polanske of 9B each received $125 at the start of term 2 assembly for their efforts which were duly noted by their teachers. They are the inaugural winners of the prize and we hope they can inspire others to take up the challenge and to not accept that things can’t change – we can all do a small part to make a difference. In this case the environment of school benefits, but it is fair to say so do we all. Big thankyou to both Cameron and Chloe, as well as all the other students that do try and make a difference.


Dannie Williams

Litter Awareness coordinator