Camp Howqua Reflections

The Year 7 camp to Howqua was a great experience for our 150 students who attended in March. Activities the students experienced were Horse Riding, Flying Fox, Survivor, Archery, High Ropes among many others. The School Captains attended on Wednesday along with Assistant Principal Tania Pearson which provided much entertainment for the Year 7 students.  The following are some reflections form some students who attended the camp. 

Camp Howqua Reflections from 7D

Activities: Survivor Course – wow, what a fun team building activity and my favourite part was getting muddy in the mud pit!  How many mud face plants do you think there were? Horse riding for most of us was a new experience – really cool especially once we went out for a trail ride!  The scariest activity was High Rope – when you’re at the bottom it doesn’t look too high, but when you get to the top it is really scary. Archery required more patience and skill but when you get a BULL’s EYE you think it is fantastic.  Equally it was a struggle to pull the string back to actually shoot. Then the water slide – so fast down and then running back up the steps – really exhausting but worth the effort of another fast slide.

Entertainment night: This was a really fun night – Our grade only practised for 15 minutes but the GANGNAM STYLE won the day. It was awesome.

Emotions:  My emotions were really mixed – I went from happy to scared to nervous to happy.  This was because of the challenges I faced up to. Other emotions of my mates were happy, tired, scared, excited and disgusted. It all depended on what we were doing.

Challenges: - Everything at camp was a challenge, mostly because of the new experiences.   The biggest challenge however was trying to go to sleep at night time – so much to talk about.

Highlights: The night walk was unbelievable! The dead cricket in the shower that jumped to life once wet, made my heart skip a beat.  I didn’t think it was funny at the time. All the night time activities were just a bonus after the exciting days of activities.

Friendships: Lots of new friendships were made as we tried new activites. 

Camp rhymes: It was a lot of fun, going camping without mum, teachers had a lot of rules and I met some funny fools.