Athletics Carnival

Athletics Carnival

The College Athletics Carnival took place on the last day of February, and one of the hottest of our summer, on a scorching 34 degree day out at Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium, where our four College houses of Melba, Yarra, Barak and Waratah would battle it out in our yearly athletics meet.

We had a record number of participants on the day, meaning a long day on the track and field where students from all year levels broke old records for certain events, as well as new school athletes stepping onto the scene and dominating the day.

One of the highlights for the day was our Year 12 50m dash for the chocolate, where the class of 2017 sprinted in costumes consisting of lifeguards, cheerleaders, businessmen and more in front of the school.

Our other main event was the staff v student relay, which saw the teachers come last for the 6th year in a row, with Mr Bumpstead’s secret weapon of roller blades on the final leg proving to be more of a disadvantage than advantage!

Congratulations to Riley McLay of Year 7 who took out Boys Champion on 30 points, and to Sarah Atkinson of Year 12 who took out Girls Champion on 28 points.

Melba house dominated for the third year in a row on 547 points, to win in what was one of our most successful and enjoyable Athletic Carnivals.