2015 Graeme Clark Oration

Sir Paul Nurse took the stage at the Melbourne Convention Centre on March 10 to lead the 2015 Graeme Clark Oration. Luckily enough students from theCollege were invited to be in the audience to hear about anew step in science and all the amazing opportunities that surround us by the Nobel Laureate. During his speech he spoke about his work on cell reproduction. He has been a geneticist and cell biologist for many years and has done major work on understanding how the cell cycle is controlled and how cell shape and cell dimensions are determined. He spoke about the reproduction of cells from the simplest single cell organisms such as yeast through to human beings. The mechanisms that Sir Paul discussed contribute to our understanding of diseases, in particular cancer.

As President of the Royal Society he leads the longest surviving scientific body in the world (founded November 1660), which has housed great scientists through its lineage including Sir Isaac Newton. He has also served as Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK and President of Rockefeller University. He shared the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and has received the Albert Lasker Award among countless others. He has also had the privilege to have been knighted in 1999.

We were all so thrilled to have been given this amazing opportunity and enjoyed not only hearing his two lectures in such an illustrious building but also enjoying the views and food of our lovely city. Personally it was one of my favourite excursions ever!

Flyn Attwood-McInnes. Year 11 Student