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Worlds Greatest Shave

Jayden Bradford organised The World’s Greatest Shave in the gym earlier this term. Students were invited to come and watch the shave for a gold coin donation. Jayden had three participants and raised over $250 in donations and sponsorship.

5000 Poppies Project

Earlier this year Tegan Foster organised for her VCAL Intermediate classmates to volunteer their help with the 5,000 poppies project to help commemorate the Anzac Centenary. 5,000 Poppies is an exciting and ambitious nationwide grass roots community tribute of respect and remembrance with crafters across the Australian and the world participating in this meaningful and heartfelt project.

Year 12 Senior VCAL class completed their RSA course (Responsible Service of Alcohol) at Hospitality Training Australia recently. Alysa Andrewartha, Benjamin Bittles, Corey Papas, Tikka Popple Amos, Bailey Wright & Daniel Burleigh accompanied by their teacher Mr Bumpstead on the 7:18 am train from South Morang station arriving at Southern Cross station at 8:16. The class got breakfast at Hungry Jack's in Southern Cross station then made their way to 250 Collins Street where we then sat a 4 hour course to get our RSA certificate.


Year 12 Intermediate VCAL went to the RSPCA in Burwood to learn about the puppy factories. We learnt that the puppy factories are increasing every year. All the dogs live there lives in small cages with no room to move and are forced to breed all the time. Un-trained breeders don’t even feed them properly or even give them clean water.


Year 8 students are learning about the density of different objects. Density is the measure of the amount of matter crammed into the object. The students made density columns showing the different densities of many common household products such as honey and oil. Less dense liquids float above denser liquids.

Ever wonder why ice floats on water? Why oil sits on top of puddles?

Have you ever wondered why it was easier to float in the ocean than a pool? It's because the ocean contains a high concentration of salt causing the water to be denser and allowing you to float.


Whittlesea Primary School students were asked to volunteer to participate in an Empirical Research Activity that was conducted by our Year 11 Psychology students. The research focus was on Jean Piaget’s theory on the four stages of cognitive development in children. Students led our primary school neighbours through a series of four different activities, used to test and compare cognitive abilities of children in the Pre-operational stage (2-7 years) and Concrete operational stage (7-12 years).

Year 12 Media

Students travelled to the Australian Centre for Moving Image at Federation Square to attend a screening of Top Screens, showing the best year 12 Media productions across Victoria from last year. Students were also able to ask questions to some of the film makers and be inspired by their work not only on the big screen, but through their all-important Production Design Plans. If their excitement and enthusiasm is anything to go by we are going to having some magnificent short films for this year’s Annual MediaFest in November! Stay tuned!

Year 11 Media

Students have been exploring how media representations are constructed through codes and conventions. One of the topics covered was experimenting with new media technologies and manipulating messages in media. Here are some great examples of Re-Mixed Film Posters using Adobe Photoshop.


Last year Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander students collaborated with Phil Murray, then Koorie Education Support Officer, and Sarah Perry to create a contemporary mural. This mural is a reminder of past, present and future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and to recognise the rich Aboriginal heritage of the region and acknowledge the Wurundjeri Willum Clan of the Kulin nations as the traditional custodians of this land.

Bendigo Gallery

Year 12 Art students visited the Bendigo Art Gallery to see the works of Patricia Piccinini and Ben Quilty. Students studied Piccinini's sculpture 'We Are Family' in Year 11. Piccinini is a contemporary artist whose troubling depictions of transgenic life portray many of the complex ethical issues around bioengineering. This year students studied Ben Quilty’s work 'Smashed'. Quilty is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best-known and highly regarded contemporary painters.