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Year 10 Photography

At WSC we are lucky enough to have access to a darkroom. Over the last couple of weeks Year 10 Photography students have been experimenting in the darkroom with photograms and shooting film. Students had to experiment with organic shapes and objects found in nature for their photograms and for their portraits they needed to make work inspired by Cindy Sherman's series Untitled Film Stills. These are some images of their Photograms and contact sheets.


Courtney Kempster

This term, Year 7E Humanities have learnt about liveable cities in class . Based off what they have learnt, students had to design their own ideal liveable city. These are some examples of the incredible work students submitted.


Nadia Portella

English/Humanties Teacher


Poetry Prizes!!

Congratulations to Ms Daines’ VCE literature students. Each of the students who submitted poems to the Whittlesea Show won a prize! Chrissy-Ann Beattie of Year 12 Literature deserves special mention; her poignant poem ‘Nanajill’ was awarded “Best in Show”. Well Done Chrissy!! You will be able to read this poem in the School Magazine, alongside some of the other prize-winning poems.

Merryl Daines

VCE Literature Teacher

Year 9 Drawing and Printmaking

Students studied artworks by Vincent Van Gogh and selected artworks as inspiration.

The focus of the task was to create movement and rhythm using colour and line.

Using a paint brush like a pencil to apply short repetitive lines students have created vibrant and energetic artworks.


Louise Hannay

Art Teacher

 Diamond Valley Special School  

VET Hospitality Excursion to Novatel Collins Street.

Legally Blonde!


In April of 2017 a number of Whittlesea Secondary College students went through the process of auditioning for the school production, Legally Blonde The Musical Jr.

Year 7 Art

 Focusing on working collaboratively with their peers, students from 7F spent an afternoon in the sunshine creating chalk mandalas. They first learnt about what a mandala is and how the designs are based on symmetry. As a class we then went to the community garden and drew our own designs on the footpath.

 Danni Benham

Art Teacher

Lego Portraits


Our Year 9 Computer Graphics students have been experimenting with their portraits and colour in Adobe Photoshop. This task tested their problem solving skills as there were a number of new tools that they needed to use to turn their portraits into Lego blocks.


Courtney Kempster

Art/Photography Teacher