School Values

Sense of Community

Demonstrating caring attitudes towards others. Supporting others. Building a strong learning community. Building positive links with groups. Treating people courteously with manners and respect. Participate with others to achieve goals. Working together with parents and the wider community to achieve collective goals.

Life Long Learning

Gaining knowledge and expertise.Accepting challenges and striving for personal best performance. Embracing and accepting innovation and change.Take pride in developing new skills. Become actively involved in professional development programs. Be open to new ideas.


Valuing that individuals have differences (cultural and personal) which enrich a community.Confidence in our sense of self. Accepting that every individual has worth and can make a significant contribution.Taking pride in our school. Show an interest in colleagues' work and in them as people. Praise don't criticize.Empathise, forgive and be tolerant of others.Cooperating to maintain clean and functional physical resources.


Valuing group as well as individual success.Community recognition of achievements. Engendering high standards in all facets of College life. Encouraging the setting of goals. Recognising the achievement of others. Strive to do your very best. Evaluating programs and making changes as appropriate. Routine celebration of success. Plan and set realistic targets.


Valuing the positive aspects of any situation. Encouraging the enjoyment of teaching and learning. Valuing and enjoying the company of colleagues. Using humour to alleviate stress and tension. Deal with what's possible not with what might be. Regularly share an uplifting anecdote. Take time to sit, listen and talk. It's OK to laugh while at work.


Following through on tasks to completion. Gaining strength through supportive interaction. Committing to set values and related behaviours. Setting deadlines and sticking to them. Participate in group tasks. Acting responsibly with integrity.


Adhering to set principles and practices of team work. Accepting compromise as a means of achieving whole College goals. Actively listen to others. Utilise the variety of talent to build a whole team. Accepting another point of view is a win for the team.