GAT Preparation

TERM 2 Important Senior School Information


Thursday 5th May


VCE Expo (TBC)

Saturday 7th May


Front Yard Youth Services

Last month Britney Chalmers organised an excursion for the Intermediate Personal Development class whereby students visited 'City Mission' - Front Yard Youth Services. Front Yard Youth Services help homeless youth, aged from 12-25. See the below website for further information.

Romeo and Juliet

‘Romeo and Juliet’- A Poem

By Bellanna Jenkins


Hating is like love, and loving is like hate      

Both are the same and yet they are divergent.  

Rivals that are ruled by hands of fate                        

Forcing those that feel to become urgent              


In their quest to find balance in peace                      

Two people trapped spinning around and               

around. They face fate in hope to cease                  


Year 12 Literature- Literature Review

 A Glimpse into the Past Through the Future

By Michaela Parkinson

The year is 1968, Philip K. Dick has just released his novel, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ and readers are entranced with a view of the future. 

Philip K. Dick’s novel proposed, at the time, radical ideas of a future suffering the aftermath of a nuclear war with off-planet colonies and androids that feel empathy, or at least mimic it to a degree that it appears they do. 

Whittlesea Secondary College Debating Team

The Whittlesea Secondary College Debating Team went to Loyola College on Monday 18th April to compete against Parade College in the second round of debates. The topic for the debate was:

‘That professional sports should have separate leagues that permit the use of performance enhancing drugs’.

Athletics Carnival
The Athletics Carnival was held at the Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium last Tuesday. All field and track events were available for students to compete in on the day.
After a drizzly start the sun came out and we had a healthy amount of competition on the day across all year levels. Highlights were the inaugural "dress up 50m dash" in which Zac Rizzotto took the chocolate prize for running in his "death clown" outfit. We also had a large amount of costumes from our fabulous year 12 cohort.
Top Designs

Unit 3 Visual Communication Design


Year 7 Boys Cricket

The Year 7 Boys Cricket Team competed in the Northern Region Cricket carnival on Tuesday 2 March. Unfortunately, the boys did not progress through to the next round. They played two games for the day, winning their first game against Lalor North and narrowly losing to Epping.

GAME 1:                 Whittlesea 1/67                defeated                Lalor North 8/23

GAME 2:                 Whittlesea 36                   defeated by          Epping 5/46



Wednesday 9 March saw Year 7 students Pj Mountney, Jack Taylor, Ethan Robertson, Riley Reece and George Ianakis take part in the interschool tennis competition with Epping, Mill Park, Hazel Glen and Lalor. Their first game against Mill Park was a well fought battle by the boys, unfortunately they weren’t able to cross the line, going down by 2 points. In the second round against Mill Park they faced tough competition and were unable to progress to the next round.

Year 7 Barbeque

Just a friendly reminder to our Year 7 families that our BBQ evening on Monday the 21st of March will be held in the VCE centre from 6.30pm-8:00pm. We look forward to celebrating student achievements, reflections of camp and a night of awards. 


Kristen Jean

Junior School Manager