Year 7 Swimming Carnival

Year 7 Swimming Carnival

On Friday February 10th was our annual Year 7 Swimming Carnival. The day was held at Whittlesea Swim Centre where we had our entire cohort involved in what was a fantastic day. In 29 degree sunshine we saw some fantastic competition across 25m and 50m sprint races, as well as our longer distances of 100m and our relays. The highlight of the day was watching students participate in our “doggy-paddle” race, as well as our main event of water volleyball.

Parents are invited to nominate for the three parent vacancies on College Council. The term of office is for two years. No experience is necessary, just an interest in your child’s school and a desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future. More than one third of the total members must be in the parent category and there is an opportunity to share your skills in developing the direction of the College.

Midsumma Pride March

Midsumma Pride March

Members of the SOFA (Same Sex, Other, Friends Alliance) group met with Mrs Kempster and Ms Mason to join with the Minus 18 youth group in the Midsumma pride march that was held on Sunday the 29th of January. The aim of the march is to celebrate the LGBTI community. There were over 1000 people in the youth section alone.

Thank you to everyone who has showed their support for the SOFA program so far.


Mrs Kempster

Art Teacher

Endangered Species

Year 7 Visual Communication Design

7D have just completed a design project using the computer program Adobe Illustrator. They were required to use their knowledge of layouts and pattern to create a design that would highlight why a certain animal species is endangered or under threat.


Danni Benham

Visual Communication Design Teacher

Library display

Our Library has a wonderful range of print resources, come and browse.

Resources Galore!

It may seem easy to Google for an answer but this is fraught with problems; the top sites for information are not there because they are reliable. The algorithm throws up the most visited sites and they appear first.  To ensure accuracy there are other factors that need scrutiny. Google puts vast quantities of information at our finger tips but the onus of fact checking still falls to the user.

Your information specialists are Librarians, not Google.

Get the Edge Science

Late in October, nine students from Year 9 LEAP Science and Year 10 Get the Edge Science were given the opportunity to experience what studying Science might be like at the University of Melbourne. They participated in a Physics lecture and Chemical Engineering and Microbiology practical activities, similar to what first year university students might experience. They also took part in Melbourne University traditions such as finding good coffee before the first lecture and pizza on the South Lawn.


Caitlin Vine

Get the Edge Science Teacher.

Year 10 Art

In Year 10 Art, we have just completed a drawing unit inspired by the work of Laith McGregor. Students used gridding and rendering techniques to create biro drawings of themselves and their peers. Once complete students had the option of adding a watercolour background to compliment their subject. 


Courtney Millett

Art Teacher

Boy in the Tower

Great News from the Library

We are open from 8.30 am, come in and keep warm, keep the librarians company or relax and prepare for the day ahead.

Keepers of the Books?

Not really. We don’t buy books to decorate the shelves. Librarians love it when you borrow books. Make a librarian happy today, borrow a book.

But what should I Read?

Easy! Ask. All the library staff love to read books. We also love to talk about books.

How do I know if it’s a good book?

Would we lie to you?

Jake Taylor

Unit 3 and 4 Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design encourages students to think creatively, critically and reflectively to produce two final designs that are accompanied by a folio of work. Students look at three fields of design, environmental, industrial and communication. This year every individual participating in the subject created designs that reflected their personal interest.


Danni Benham

Visual Communication Design Teacher

Celina Owen

The Whittlesea Secondary College Track and Field team ventured out to Meadowglen in Epping for the Northern Metropolitan Regional Championships to compete for who would be the best athletes in Northern Melbourne, and a spot at the state Championships in October. We had a dozen of our best competitors out representing the school in what was a tough day of competition.

Ethan Frawley in Year 8 competed in two events for the day in the 800m as well as the 1500m, in which he came 5th and 9th respectively.

Marnie Wills in Year 9 competed in the 800m in which she came 5th.