Year 10 students studying the Café Culture program enjoyed making hamburgers this week. The Café Culture program features many food items that are popular in cafes. Students have enjoyed making Café Breakfast, Devonshire Tea and many other popular food items. They are currently learning how to make coffee using our espresso machine and will soon be experts!   


Robyn Elliott

Food Technology Teacher

Year 9 Art- Surrealism

In Year 9 Art, students learnt about surrealism and the associated characteristics in the unit Surrealist Collage. They then had to develop a concertinaed collage that focused on the principles of this art movement. The result is a series of images that appear to be a skewed reality and dream-like. 


Courtney Millett

Art Teacher

Coffee Cup Design

Year 9 Visual Communication Design students learn about the design process, they use this process to come up with various deigns including a coffee cup. They initially need to create a brief that describes the client, audience, purpose, context and constraints. This brief is then explored by creating a range of ideas that suit what was specified. The task was completed using Adobe Illustrator.


Danni Benham

Visual Communication Design Teacher

Pattern Tutorial

Year 9 Computer Graphics students are completing a unit on Experimental Portraiture, and these images are the first of three portraits students are creating through using a variety of Photoshop skills. Students experimented with the hue, saturation, and contrast, applying the final image to a patterned background. For the rest of the term, students will be learning how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a variety of images. 


Courtney Millett

Art/Design Teacher

Keys Please

In the first few weeks of Term 2, the Year 10 cohort was involved in the Keys Please VicRoads learner driver program. We were fortunate to have a guest speaker from VicRoads provide us with a positive and engaging program that introduced the different driving skills and experiences that a learner needs in order to become a responsible and safe licensed driver. The students were engaged in a number of tasks that demonstrated the levels of concentration needed to drive safely and they were presented with souvenirs to take away as both keepsakes and memory prompters.




On ANZAC day this year, representatives from our Student Leadership team were privileged to march in the ANZAC Day Parade in Whittlesea. Our school captains Flyn Atwood-McInnes and Deanna Berry, along with student leaders Mitchell Allen and Rachael Oh, read out the names of the soldiers from Whittlesea who lost their lives in WW1. Kirsty Lord of Year 12 read the requiem beautifully. As always, the group did a wonderful job of representing the school at this meaningful event.

Save Our Sons

On Tuesday 26th April the entire Year 10 cohort showed their support for the Walk to ‘SAVE OUR SONS’ charity event which involved a boy Emilio who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He was being pushed in his wheelchair 369km from Albury to Melbourne by his parents over a two week period and as they were coming through Whittlesea, our Year 10 students were assembled along Forest Street opposite the school to cheer them on. The school organised a gold coin donation from the Year 10 students and along with the staff we were able to donate just over $140 for the foundation.

GAT Preparation

TERM 2 Important Senior School Information


Thursday 5th May


VCE Expo (TBC)

Saturday 7th May


Front Yard Youth Services

Last month Britney Chalmers organised an excursion for the Intermediate Personal Development class whereby students visited 'City Mission' - Front Yard Youth Services. Front Yard Youth Services help homeless youth, aged from 12-25. See the below website for further information.

Romeo and Juliet

‘Romeo and Juliet’- A Poem

By Bellanna Jenkins


Hating is like love, and loving is like hate      

Both are the same and yet they are divergent.  

Rivals that are ruled by hands of fate                        

Forcing those that feel to become urgent              


In their quest to find balance in peace                      

Two people trapped spinning around and               

around. They face fate in hope to cease