Business Management

Business Management Year 11 & 12- Port of Melbourne Corporation excursion 19 May 2015

As part of the Business Management courses at Year 11 & 12, we try to convey as much as possible the work of many different types of organisations as they operate in today’s competitive commercial environment.  The Port of Melbourne Corporation is such an organisation.


Recently both Senior Biology classes went on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. Although some of us struggled with car sickness on the bus trip, the journey was worth it! A Healesville representative took us to the different environments in the sanctuary where we counted the different plants we could see, learning about native trees and how to identify them. After a snack from the café and enjoying the sounds and views of the scenery we were picked up and went back home with our gift shop souvenirs, mud on our shoes and LOTS of photos on our phones.

Beanies for Brain Cancer - we raised $576

The Student Leadership Team recently ran a fundraiser for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. Inspired by Carrie Bickmore’s moving speech at the Logies about her late husband Greg, we decided that holding a #beaniesforbraincancer day at Whittlesea Secondary College was a great way to raise some money and awareness for a deserved cause.

Thank you to all the students and staff that participated and helped us raise $576!




Lauren Kenrick

Student Leadership Manager

Pizza Oven

After the slab was poured by the 2014 HOL students this year’s students are excited to be laying bricks for the base of the pizza oven. Using the newly purchased concrete mixer we have been mixing mortar, learning how to use trowels, laying bricks, using spirit levels and planning out the project.

Frog Bog

Japanese Exchange Program

Host families are required between August 7 and 12 to support a Japanese Exchange Student. It is a fantastic experience. If you are interested, please fill out the attached Expression of Interest Form and return it to the college as soon as possible.

The Hope Tour

All Year 8 students were fortunate to experience the “Hope Tour” who came to our College last week and did magic tricks, told stories, sang and danced, all with the message of HOPE. The purpose of the tour was to engage our students, make them aware of bullying, the impact of it and how they can take charge and make change.

Judging from the level of participation of our students, we believe the message was successfully conveyed to all who attended.

Front Yard Youth Services

Natalie Green recently organised for the VCAL Intermediate class to visit Front Yard Youth Services – City Mission. Melbourne City Mission links young people, adults, and families to housing, education, training, employment and social support. Across the state of Victoria, they are the largest provider of homelessness services to young people under 24 and are also the biggest provider of homelessness services to adults and families (aged from 18 to 45 years) across the Northwest Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.

Sarah Perry
VCAL Teacher

Mother's Day Classic

Last Sunday James Earp organised for a team of six students, three teachers and his mum to do the Mother’s Day Classic to raise awareness for breast cancer. We pushed on through the bucketing rain with everyone crossing the finish line with a huge sense of achievement. This walk raises awareness of Beast Cancer, with one in eight women and one in 688 men developing the disease in their lifetime. However, survival rates have increased to 89%, up 6% since the Mother's Day Classic began in 1998.

Sarah Perry
VCAL Teacher

Worlds Greatest Shave

Jayden Bradford organised The World’s Greatest Shave in the gym earlier this term. Students were invited to come and watch the shave for a gold coin donation. Jayden had three participants and raised over $250 in donations and sponsorship.

5000 Poppies Project

Earlier this year Tegan Foster organised for her VCAL Intermediate classmates to volunteer their help with the 5,000 poppies project to help commemorate the Anzac Centenary. 5,000 Poppies is an exciting and ambitious nationwide grass roots community tribute of respect and remembrance with crafters across the Australian and the world participating in this meaningful and heartfelt project.