Our Year 11 Science classes were host scientists on Tuesday 15 September as a part of Kids Teaching Kids week. Grades 1 and 2 from Whittlesea Primary School came into the College throughout the day to have a hands-on Science discovery session.

Students set up a round robin of experiments in the three different Year 11 Science Classes (Chemistry, Physics and Biology). What a great experience for both the Year 11 students and primary school students. 


Jacinta Greer

Science Coordinator

Psychology Excursion

Students from both Year 12 Psychology classes attended an excursion to La Trobe University to take part in a Stress workshop recently.

Ms Greer was the initial test subject being hooked up to many different physiological devices to assess her stress response. Students then formed pairs and set about a number of different tasks that would create a stressful situation to record their bodies' reaction to the situations.

Little Einstein's Day

Selected Year 11 students joined Ms Greer and Mr Joseph at Laurimar Primary School's 'Little Einstein’s Day'. Our students set up a round robin of experiments and had eight classes come throughout the day to perform the different experiments they had organised.

Here is some lovely feedback from the organizer of the day:

Whittlesea Secondary College Basketball

The Intermediate boys and girls basketball teams participated in the Whittlesea Division tournament on Tuesday 18th August.

Science Week

What a great turn out we had to activities during Science Week two weeks ago. Thank you to all for your support. 

Please check out some of the pictures from the week.



Mon 17th

Tue 18th

Sacha Kaluri

Motivational Speaker – SACHA KALURI

As part of the Finding MY Place program, the Year 9 girls were fortunate enough to have Sacha Kaluri speak to them about ‘How to choose the career of your dreams, so that you can live the life that you desire’.

Visual Communication Design

Unit 3 and 4 Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design encourages students to think creatively, critically and reflectively to produce two final designs that are accompanied by a folio of work. Students look at three fields of design: environmental, industrial and communication. This year every individual participating in the subject created designs that reflected their personal interest. The photos below are of the final designs produced by students.


Danni Benham

Visual Communication Design Teacher

The School for Student Leadership

Congratulations to the following Year 9 students who have been selected to participate in the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood program of School for Student Leadership – Luke Rosier, Joshua Francis, Angus Paxton, Zahra Lyall, Harley-Rose Luczkowski, Bryce Stoneham and Bellanna Jenkins. This will take place in Term 4 for a period of nine weeks at the Gnurad-Gundidj campus in the Western District of Victoria.  Up to 45 students will live full-time at the campus to develop leadership skills, pa

Solar Power

Year 8 Science Experiments


During the year 8 Energy Topic we were able to use some of the fantastic resources from last year's Earn and Learn program. Here is the finshed product of two different solar power models from the kits we earned.

In this energy topic students made catapults using everyday equipment to investigate energy transformation.


Jacinta Greer

Science Coordinator

Japanese Student Visitation

Thank you to the host families who generously opened their homes to our Japanese students. This year, 12 students from Owari-Asahi visited for six days and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the life of a typical Australian teenager. The students spent a day shadowing their host student from class to class comparing school life in Australia to that in Japan. Many families went to a lot of effort to show their guest as much of Victoria as possible, including visits to Werribee Zoo, Phillip Island Penguin parade, sightseeing in the city and lots of shopping.