Wednesday 9 March saw Year 7 students Pj Mountney, Jack Taylor, Ethan Robertson, Riley Reece and George Ianakis take part in the interschool tennis competition with Epping, Mill Park, Hazel Glen and Lalor. Their first game against Mill Park was a well fought battle by the boys, unfortunately they weren’t able to cross the line, going down by 2 points. In the second round against Mill Park they faced tough competition and were unable to progress to the next round.

Year 7 Barbeque

Just a friendly reminder to our Year 7 families that our BBQ evening on Monday the 21st of March will be held in the VCE centre from 6.30pm-8:00pm. We look forward to celebrating student achievements, reflections of camp and a night of awards. 


Kristen Jean

Junior School Manager


NMR FINAL – Friday 26 February 2016

The Senior Boys Cricket team lost to St Helena Secondary College by 5 runs in the Northern Metropolitan Regional Final played at Donath Reserve in Keon Park last Friday.

Year 8 Volleyball

The Year 8 Volleyball Tournament was hosted at Whittlesea Secondary College between several other schools in the Whittlesea Division.

The Girls team was coached by Year 10 Student and Volleyball extraordinaire Ben Vitale, who took his team to three wins against Mill Park, Lalor and Lalor North.

Year 8 Boys Tennis

The boys Whittlesea Division Tennis Tournament at Whittlesea Tennis Club took place on Monday 29 February. Zack Ferguson, Corey Dennehy, Bailey Gandolfo, Sean Duffy and Jadyn McCarthy from Year 8 competed in the event. The boys displayed outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day with each match self-umpired by the students. The boys played multiple singles and doubles matches against Lalor, Mill Park and Epping. Unfortunately, the competition was very strong and the boys were unsuccessful in progressing to the next round of competition.

Senior Volleyball

Late last week the Senior Boys and Girls Volleyball teams competed in the Whittlesea Division Interschool Tournament. Both teams faced strong opposition in the six school round-robin with only our girls team successful in a match, defeating Mill Park Secondary College in their penultimate game. The shot of the day went to Sarah Atkinson when the ball went through her hands as she made a desperate lunge and it miraculously landed on her right foot and sailed over the net for a winner!

Congratulations to both teams on playing the game in the right spirit throughout the day.

Senior Boys Tennis

The Senior Boys Tennis team took the trip to Epping Tennis Club to take part in the District Summer Sports Competition on March 3rd.

The boys played very well throughout the day, finishing top of their draw after defeating Lalor North and Epping. They have now made it through to the next round to compete at the Northern Metro Region. Congratulations and thanks to Blake Watson, Kai Attwell, James MacFarlane & Bailey Dennehy.

Overall it was an enjoyable day and was great to see the team support each other and put in such a huge effort.




Moving FWD Program

Congratulations to Dylan Pender of Year 10 who, at the end of 2015 was involved in the Moving FWD Program, run by Hume City Council at Cragieburn Youth Services. Dylan participated in the program for eight weeks attending two days each week over that period and had 100% attendance. Dylan explored practical job skills and educational pathways, did Barista training, participated in activities with the Melbourne Fire Brigade, spent time at Gym sessions at the Leisure Centre, completed Radio Workshops and tested his skills rock climbing.


Year 10 Art

Year 10 Art students learnt about Thai born Australian artist, Vipoo Srivilasa. The students focused on his project 'For the Future', that evolved from his concern for the coral reefs and eco-systems of Australia and Thailand and the damage that is being done to them as a result of society’s greed and over consumption. Students responded to his work by appropriating his style and creating their own clay designs that focused on these issues.


Louise Hannay & Sarah Perry

Art Teachers

Danny's Burgers- Gemma Wilson

Year 10 Visual Communication Design

Danny's Burgers Packaging

Danny’s Burgers is a burger institution in Fitzroy North. It has held its position of being one of the best burger venues in Melbourne since 1945. Students were required to design a new logo and packaging for the company that would target a new audience.  ICT and drawing were combined to create a range of interesting designs. The intention of the assignment was to develop students understanding of the design process and the use of ICT in design.


Danni Benham