Year 7 Netball Team

Late in Term 2, the Year 7 Netball team took the short journey to Mill Park Stadium to play several teams from the area in netball. The day started off well with the team defeating Mill Park Secondary College and Gilson College. They were unfortunately defeated by only 1 point by Lalor Secondary College. The girls rounded off the day with a win against The Lakes. The team displayed good sportsmanship and commitment to improvement throughout the day.


Late in Term 2, our Year 12 VCAL class attended the Hospitality Training Australia Institute and participated in an RSA Course. The course ran smoothly and was delivered well. We learnt about standard drink sizes, signs of intoxication and the laws around serving alcohol. This course will assist us and improve our employment opportunities in the hospitality industry.


Aleisha Mizzi

Year 12 VCAL student

Hands On Learning

Hands On Learning (HOL)

Our HOL students meet once a week on a Wednesday or a Friday. They start the day setting personal goals, planning lunch and daily projects. Learning by doing, teamwork, personal development and safety are key features of the HOL program. At the end of the day the students clean up and reflect on achievement of their goals.

The students had a very busy first semester working with the supports from our HOL leaders Steve Miller, and City of Whittlesea Baseline Youth Support Officers Bec Ferris, Hans Gregory and Sarah Rocca.

School for Student Leadership

Congratulations to the following Year 9 students who have been selected to participate in the School for Student Leadership programMitchell Allen, Paige Brice, Trent Stoneham, Jamie Kupisz and Josh Biancon. This will take place in Term 3 for a period of nine weeks at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus in the western district of Victoria.

Lovebites program


On Wednesday June 8, 50 Year 10 students were active participants in the pilot program of Lovebites, which was run at the school in collaboration with three members from Victoria Police, two staff from Plenty Valley Community Health, three DET Health Educators and five Whittlesea Secondary College Staff.

This program was divided into three sections;

National Reconciliation Week

BBQ Kangaroo Tasting and Art Project – Our National Reconciliation Week Event 

On Wednesday 1st June our Indigenous student group and friends hosted a lunchtime event with BBQ kangaroo and damper tasting. An all-student and staff art banner was created for the College. We screened video clips with musicians singing Indigenous stories and supporting Indigenous rights. 


Visual Communication Design- Year 9

Keith Haring was an influential artist of the 1980’s who focused on making his art accessible to the public by creating street art and often placing his works on clothing. His artwork frequently addressed social issues of the time, some that are still relevant to this day. By studying this artist, students are seeing the connection between art and design.


Year 10 Get the Edge Science: The Physics of Rollercoasters.


As part of our unit looking at Motion, Forces and Energy, the Get the Edge Science students have brought their knowledge together and have been applying it to design and create a model rollercoaster that obeys the laws of physics. The Year 10’s have had to come up with a name, a description, and design that includes at least one loop and have completed calculations to describe the rollercoasters’ speed, energy and size based on the mass of their passengers.

National Sorry Day

Thursday the 26th of May marked National Sorry Day to honour the children and families devastated by the impact of the Stolen Generations. Our students across the year levels, representing indigenous and non-indigenous students, gathered together at the City of Whittlesea to mark this solemn occasion and to pay their respects to children and families impacted by the separation and removal of either living through the Stolen Generation or having a family member who was stolen.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House - VET Hospitality

Students from VET Hospitality 3 & 4 supported one of our VCAL students, Sarah, in her school community project. Students cooked an array of foods for the families living at Ronald McDonald House. RMD House currently has 51 families staying with them and they were very appreciative of the home baked foods we provided. Our students demonstrated amazing teamwork skills and I was very proud to be assisting them on the day.

Sam Banthorpe
VET Hospitality Teacher